Havana meets Phoenix: Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant

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By: Jessica Danielle Ramirez

In a Phoenix plaza, hidden among various shops and restaurant chains is a valley secret: Cuban Foods Bakery and Restuarant. Though the valley is home to a number of other Cuban restaurants, there isn’t one quite as authentic as this one.

Manuel Cias, owner of Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant, was born and raised in Cuba. In 2005, Cias and his family made the journey to the United States in search of a common immigrant dream: a new and better life. During this transition, Cias wanted to keep his Cuban roots while still adjusting into the American life. Combining these two qualities along with his family’s as well as his passion for food, Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant was born.

Still fairly new to the valley, only two-years-old, the Cuban eatery is a small, but relaxing environment. Diners get the chance to taste real Cuban food prepared by none other than Cubans themselves. And if that doesn’t convince you to get the family together and head over, customers can further satisfy their hunger by selecting delights from the bakery inside the restaurant.unnamed (2)

Every morning Cias wakes up at 6 A.M. to begin his morning routine, which includes preparing and baking each Cuban pastry from scratch. His early mornings allow him to create a wide selection of sugary treats for his customers from the traditional flan to a layered delicacy that is filled with custard, thin flaky layers, and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.

Though the bakery brings in new crowds and regulars, the restaurant’s biggest selling point is its signature dishes. The dishes are a perfect combination of flavorful spices and fulfilling portions. What food lovers may find interesting is that it’s not as spicy as you would think and not as complex as you’d imagine.

“Everything prepared at our restaurant is fresh and 100% Cuban,” said Cias.

 Cias’ Cuban food is pleasing as it follows true Cuban style emphasizing Caribbean flavors that are formed through the influences of many cultures such as African, Spanish, and Chinese.

unnamed (1)One of its popular and frequently ordered dishes by both Latinos and Non-Latinos is the pork sandwich. This Cuban sandwich is made with rustic pork, mustard, pickles, Swiss cheese, and held together with genuine Cuban bread.

Also a signature dish at Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant is the Ropa Vieja. In English, “Ropa Vieja” translates to ‘old clothes.’ While this delicious dish has a funny name and looks nothing like old clothes, its name is inspired by the look of the plate’s shredded beef to shredded clothes. Ropa Vieja includes a side of rice, plantains, bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce, and beef.

Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant welcomes all and enjoys the diverse group of individuals that come through its doors. The family-run business knows Cuban food made by Cubans isn’t a common pairing in Arizona, which is why Cias and his family aim to create the best Central American experience for customers.

“We are trying our best to introduce this type of food to Americans,” explained Cias.

Open everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this Cuban eatery serves the public from its location on 43rd Avenue and Peoria. Customers are guaranteed to leave Phoenix’s little slice of Havana with a full stomach, smile on their lips, and heart beating to the Cuban beat.


Information:unnamed (3)

Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant

10649 N. 43rd Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85029


Hours of operation:

Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 9 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

CLOSED Mondays

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