Suave Styling's of Carolina Sanford and Oscar De las Salas

By admin November 6, 2013 17:30
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Photo Credit: Apostol Photography

By Taylor Pineda

The Phoenix Fashion Week’s Sunset Equestrian Fashion Show at Arizona’s West World Fields was a hot spot for tremendous fashion on Friday, Nov.1.

Styling for the post polo event fashion show was made possible by Oscar De las Salas. A fashion innovator himself, Salas not only was dressed to impress, but was the brains behind the Debonair styling of the show pulling pieces provided by Dillard’s, My Sisters Closet, and PHXFW Emerging Designer Doux Belle.

This chic event embodied Oscar’s unique style. Accompanied by the MC’ing by Univision’s very own Carolina Sanford, the dynamic duo rocked the event. Sanford, a notable fashionista, added a fun element incorporating fashion and media to engage the crowd and kick start the show.

Carolina sported a fitted denim jacket and dual-cotton and pleather leggings, which completed the equestrian theme. De las Salas, who styled most of Carolina’s outfit, noted that his mother loved Versace, and that is why he completed Carolina’s look with a piece from his mother’s collection.

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Photo Credit: Apostol Photography

Carolina further embellished her outfit by providing her own style of shoes, “I don’t like black shoes…I think shoes are the most important part of the outfit.” Highlighting her creativity, she stressed how shoes can make or break any outfit and how much versatility they offer.

Carolina looked amazing and reminded that “what is most important is that you need to feel amazing on the inside.”

“No matter how fabulous your clothes are, if the littlest of things is bothering you, it can throw off your look; if you feel anything wrong, people will notice.” Carolina said.

She further relates this to the work and what she does. “If you make a mistake just smile. In my career sometimes it is what you have to do [and] that confidence will shine through.”

Another aspect of Carolina’s look was her sensational makeup done by Gissela Molina. She confesses being “very picky about make-up, but [she] made me feel amazing!”

With just the right amount of smokey eye and countering, Carolina stunned and was a best dressed Latina at the event.

Oscar, who mainly incorporated looks of class in to the runway through his styling, looked wonderful from head to toe. De las Salas sported a Gurteen Esquire London jacket that not only looked great, but also had sentimental value, as it was a gift from his boyfriend. He paired the jacket with a Dolce & Gabbana red vest that highlighted the embellishment of his top hat from Colombia. He finally incorporated the nude color into his two-toned Gucci shoes as well.

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Photo Credit: Apostol Photography

One of Oscar’s statement pieces of the night was found in his eyewear. Purchased at with prices starting at just $95, Oscar shared that “if you purchase a pair of glasses, they will ship a pair to a child in need for free.”

This celebrates fashion with a cause and a beautiful way to help those in need. Oscar’s impressive style radiated throughout the show also making him a best dressed Latino both from his styling duties to his personal legacy.  

By admin November 6, 2013 17:30

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