The Men From CNCO

By Editor July 28, 2017 10:52

The Men From CNCO

by Nichole Fratangelo

The boys of CNCOChristopher, Richard, Zabdiel, Joel, and Erick—have come a long way since La Banda. From rockin’ the stage to creating a tour documentary series exclusively for TIDAL subscribers, these Latinos are the newest boy band you should follow! Who’ll be your new boy band crush?

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Here are their best traits you’ll fall in love with.  Chris is the oldest member; he’s the go-to shoulder to lean on. How romantic? Richard is the hip-hop kid of the group, with tattoos and major swag he ignites any stage he’s on. Joel has a hipster mindset and style with soulful insta snaps revealing his good vibes aura. Heartthrob alert! It’s all about Erick’s irresistible crystal blue-green eyes chicas! Who doesn’t love a bad boy now and then! Zabdiel’s penchant for ripped jeans and smoldering look screams trouble. You’re in luck ladies: “We’re single, and looking for love!” expressed all the hotties. We caught up with the five handsome men and here’s what they had to say! Take your pick!

LATINA: Who has the most game?

Richard: Christopher and Erick.

Christopher: I think it’s Erick, though!

LATINA: What do you do if you’re all crushing on the same girl?

All: We just let it go—or we let her choose!

LATINA: Has anyone ever ghosted a girl?

Christopher: I think we have all done that once in a while—it happens because we’re very busy!

LATINA: What’s it like wearing those tight pants all the time?

Joel: I don’t know, I just like the style, and it looks good!

LATINA: Is one of you more obsessed with style and wardrobe than the others?

Richard: I would say me and Joel, but we’re all getting into it now.

LATINA: Who spends the most time getting ready?

All: It’s all of us, always. We need at least an hour or two.

LATINA: Who’s the biggest momma’s boy?

Richard: I feel like Christopher and me! We’re the oldest, so our parents don’t come with us [to shows] so we don’t see them and we miss them a lot. I guess it’s more about losing our parents and always wanting to be with them.

Check out the documentary series. Visit for exclusive videos of CNCO. Besos!

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By Editor July 28, 2017 10:52

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