Telemundo Exatlon Champion, Valeria Sofia, Wouldn’t Mind a Career as an Action Movie Actress

By Editor May 13, 2019 21:16

Valeria Sofia winner of Telemundo’s Exatlón 2nd Season

By Francisco Romero. – ”Challenge, unity, dream and aim,” that is how Valeria Sofia Rodriguez describes Exatlon, and with challenge, unity, dream and aim, the native of Bayamón Puerto Rico became the champion during the final chapter of the famous Telemundo reality show.

Exatlon is test of group and individual skills, a competition that seeks to find the person with the strongest physical and mental abilities through a series of obstacle courses, extreme living conditions and total isolation from the rest of the world.

“I am very grateful with this blessing, I have mixed feelings, I am very proud of myself, of having won this competition (Exatlon), it is a dream come true.”

With tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat, the young woman of only 20 years of age described this great event of her life.

“It was four months, very hard, very intense, I worked a lot and here is the result, it was all worth it,” said the new Exatlon champion.

For Valeria, the most difficult part of the competition was being away from her family and isolated, as it was part of the dynamics of this reality show.

“I have to admit that there were times when I wanted to give up, but I talked to myself, and I said that if I had already gotten that far I had the chance to win and in fact, I ended up ahead”.

Physical performance at a high level was fundamental in the competition; apart from team competition, individual skills were necessary.

“I’ve been an athlete all my life,” Valeria tells us. “I’ve played basketball since I was little, I was ready for the competition.”

Valeria is currently on the basketball team of the University of Puerto Rico where she is majoring in Criminal Justice.

What’s next for Valeria?

One of her life goals has been to graduate from college and then join the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“That’s one of my dreams and my challenges,” the young athlete tells us. “This reality show has shown that I have the physical ability to be part of the FBI and that I have the skills to be successful.”

However, Valeria expects that the experience of having been at Exatlon will open doors for a career in television.

We asked her the following: With the skills and athleticism that you have shown, would you like to star in action movies?

With a forceful voice he responded: “Of course, I would love it, I would love it, it would be another dream come true for me”.

The next question was: Would you like to be the bad or the good girl in the movie? Without thinking twice she answered, “The bad, I want to be the mean girl of the movie”.

For now Valeria is the good one, the champion, the winner of Exatlon.

Without a doubt, dozens of doors will open with opportunities for this young woman and surely she will be able to take advantage of them.

Congratulations Valeria and until your next chapter!

Y Viva Puerto Rico.

By Editor May 13, 2019 21:16

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