Mexican Actor Mark Tacher Gives Life to a Powerful Controversial Gay Character in la Reina del Sur

By Editor June 3, 2019 16:33

Mexican Actor Mark Tacher Gives Life to a Powerful Controversial Gay Character in la Reina del Sur

By Francisco Romero

It has been almost ten years since Teresa Mendoza went into
the witness protection program, after defeating one of the most powerful man in Mexico
in Epifanio Vargas; now life has turned 180 degrees on her.

Known as Maria Dantes under the witness protection program and with a daughter to
care for while living in Italy, Teresa Mendoza has to face the world in order to save her
life and fight for her daughter.

Many are the obstacles thrown at her in la Reina del Sur’s second season. was able to chat with one of la Reina del Sur’s main actors.
Mark Tacher gave us an insight of what it’s like to be part of this amazing production
and his character.

In la Reina del Sur, Tacher plays the role of Alejandro Alcalá, the main advisor of
Epifanio Vargas. Counselor and mentor of his candidacy for president. He is a political

Alejandro Alcalá is a lawyer, an intelligent, clever and from a family of political
background; brother of Genoveva Alcalá. Both are children of the Governor of Jalisco.
Genoveva is the one who introduces her brother to Epifanio. He is the one who
prepares Epifanio and his image to reach the presidency. His personal life is a mystery.
“I feel very lucky to be part of this mega-project, & quot;  Tacher told . “A lot
has happened in my journey throughout my career that has landed me a role in la Reina
del Sur and I feel blessed because of it”.

Within the mysteries of Alcala’s character is the fact that he is homosexual in a society
not well perceived.

“The character I play in la Reina del Sur comes from a high end, political class, rich,
famous and one that will not accept a gay family member," Tacher told us.
“I took the character to heart, Alejandro Alcalá is a power hungry person that will do
anything to gain that power; for a character like that it is easy to talk about kidnapping
someones daughter, things that are hard to imagine I would do in real life”.

What Tacher does like about his role and the series as a whole is that it gives them a
platform to show the world the reality of white collar crime, “We get to denounce those
who think they are above the law, those who come from a political family, but are
classists, narrow-minded and will go to great lengths to keep gaining power”.

At the end of the day, Tacher describes the series as one that ultimately portrays the
love of a strong woman towards her loved ones, “The series is one that will show you
what a mother’s love will do to save the life of the one she cares for; it is a non-stop
action series that will trap you into its plot”.

Tacher concludes by telling us what is like to work with Kate del Castillo and Humberto
Zurita, “It is amazing to work with both of them, Kate is always prepared, she is very
organized, she is the ultimate professional. Humberto is a great teacher, I just feel very
honored and humble to work alongside a great actor”.

La Reina del Sur was filmed in eight different countries around the world. The series is
currently being shown on Telemundo in the United States.

By Editor June 3, 2019 16:33

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