Jordana Brewster Shares Her Beauty Tips To Get Through The Holidays

By Editor November 19, 2017 13:13

by Verky Baldonado

The holidays are soon approaching, which means a lot of food, booze, and partying. It also means planning a lot of cute outfits, full glam makeup, and some good skin care routine to conceal all those late nights out. For some advice on how to navigate this super indulgent season, we decided to ask Brazilian beauty, Jordana Brewster, who happens to be the face of PONDS, who may have said a thing or two about staying healthy and looking fab! Check it out!

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Are the holidays big for you and your family?

Yes! Growing up in Brazil we would celebrate more on Christmas Eve. Now that I have my own family, that’s a tradition we’ve kept. On Christmas Eve, I host a big dinner with family and friends and the adults exchange gifts. Santa comes to bring the gifts for the kids on Christmas morning and that’s the big thing. But, whereas everyone else is celebrating Christmas day, having big lunches, we’re done by like 11 am on Christmas day because we’ve had a big party the night before.

Speaking of parties, during the holidays there is a lot of food. How do you maintain your figure?

Even though I love being with friends and I love celebrating, I still think to myself, “the kids are going to be up at 6 am. I still want to get my run in at 5 am, so I’m going to be in bed by 11 pm no matter what.” I’m pretty regimented that way. When you have two kids, they don’t care if you are hungover, so I rather not. When it comes to food, I once got a piece of advice from a French woman that said you must choose between booze and dessert, so during the holidays I always choose one and stay away from the other.

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Eating unhealthy can take a toll on your skin. How do you combat skin issues that arise from eating certain foods?

When it comes to skincare, in general, I believe in the concept of “tried and true,” which is why it made so much sense for me to work with PONDS. I remember growing up seeing the brand on my mom’s beauty counter since forever, so for me, that’s a testament to it being a good product. I’m not into trying all the different trends, your face will be beat after all that. I’m consistent with drinking a ton of water, using the PONDS towelettes throughout the day after working out, and washing and nourishing my face at night with something like the Rejuveness cream that’s really moisturizing. Besides that, the PONDS sheet masks are always good if you partied a little too hard the night before and need to inject some brightness into your skin or want to feel a bit more special before getting dolled up and going out. The great thing with the sheet masks is that you can go about your business while you have it on and as a busy mom that works for me.

What is your go-to makeup look for the holidays?

I always love piling on the lashes, which helps if you’ve partied too much and look a little tired, and a bold lip because it makes a bold statement. However, I can sometimes get stuck in a rut with beauty routines and do the same look over and over, so it’s always nice when I find out something new. I recently learned that fake eyelashes can go on the bottom, which really makes your eyes pop and where to put Touche Éclat, a highlighter that hides dark circles and I use it for some dark spots I have due to hormones. I’m into this new trend with glitter eyeshadow that helps brighten the eye. For clothing, I’m obsessed with velvet.

What is your brow secret?

I tried threading and that’s not for me. I’ve been going to the same lady Gina Veltri at Méche Salon for a long time. I wax and pluck and go about once a month.

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By Editor November 19, 2017 13:13

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