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As in previous years, The 2019 Colombian Festival 4th Edition, will honor one specific Colombian region. The chosen zone for this year is The Cauca Valley, where Salsa is the predominant cultural part of this región. Its Capital Santiago de Cali, is recognized as the Salsa Capital of the world. This city is also known for “The Feria de Cali”, one of the most attended fests around the country. Come and join the Salsodromo Contest, as local Salsa schools will compete against each other with their passion for our rhythm.  There will be a Salsa workshop where professional dancers will be teaching the Colombian dancing style!

Everyone is invited to the Colombian Festival. Besides Colombians, people from other countries who are attracted to our Latin culture will attend. This will be a great opportunity to pass our traditions from one generation to the next.

During the 2016 Colombian festival, the Northern Coastal Region was celebrated with “The Parranda” (party) replicating the very known Barranquilla Carnaval and Vallenato (typical music from the area).  While in 2017, the Festival honored “La Zona Cafetera” the Coffee Region, taking advantage of the venues architectural design (Plaza Tradiciones). Furthermore, in 2018, Los Llanos Orientales (The East Plains Region) was honored. It was celebrated with Arpa a musical instrument and Joropo music, both typical from this area. The attendees were engulfed by the atmosphere.

After the festival, there will be a concert with Galeo Latin Music. This band will be playing some of our Colombian classics. Also Mambo World will be playing their caribbean flavors music. There will be two Djs. (DJ Kalak y DJ Santtiago Café Caderas) mixing all kinds of music.

“Colombia Vive” will be performing dance choreographies inspired by Colombian folklore.

Children activities available, including Colombian typical games for kids.

Typical food from the Cauca Valley Region and Colombian cuisine delicacies such empanadas, arepas, chorizos, and tamales, will be served.

The above and more surprises will take place at the Colombian Festival 4TH Edition.

Ticket Pricing as follows:

  • Festival Only: 1pm -6pm ($15) general admission. Kids under 12 free.
  • Concert Only: 8pm-2am ($25) by Galeo Latin Music and Mambo World
  • Combo Ticket: Festival and Concert ($30)

When: March 16/ 2019

Where: 4344 W. Indian School Phoenix AZ 85

Buy your tickets:

Tickets On line:  http://ticketon.co/a1134

Outlets: La Tiendita, Comunidad Latina, Simón Hot Dogs, El Auténtico, Puerto Rico Latín Grill, Mi Tienda Latina, Salvadoreño Restaurant (75 Ave y Central locaciones), El Chullo, Latín Fashion LLC

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By Editor March 12, 2019 09:34

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