Jorge Mendoza Yescas, New General Consul of Mexico in Phoenix

By Editor June 25, 2019 11:57

Jorge Mendoza Yescas, New General Consul of Mexico in Phoenix

Has Experience, Knowledge and Vision

By Francisco Romero

A young governmental official appointed by the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and ratified by the Senate arrives as Consul General of Phoenix to transform and serve Mexicans abroad.

According to the BBC website, almost 57 million Latinos live in the United States, more than 63% are of Mexican origin, that is around 36 million people; figures that put the titanic task of the Mexican government in perspective to serve their countrymen beyond their borders.

Jorge Mendoza Yescas, originally from Sonora, from the city of Caborca, near the border, that is to say a man from the region, in his own words told us the following, “I am very happy to be serving in Phoenix, this region is nothing unknown to me. The region, the area, the influence, the north-east of Mexico, specifically Sonora; for me it is very pleasant to meet again with all of this, especially for cultural and even family matters,””I feel very happy, I feel at home”

Mexico – United States relations have a long history where bi-national friendship has always prevailed; however, the new Consul General, comes at turbulent times between the negotiations of both nations that touch on the issues of migration and trade, the posture Consul Mendoza Yescas has taken is the following,  “There is a hostile mind in Washington at the national level; contrary to the local situation, there is still a long way to go and to reverse the hostile ambient, but it is much better than ten years ago here, much better; there are local authorities that focus more on the commercial and economic, than focusing on migration issues ”

He told Arizona Latinos that the environment is much more measured, that the local authorities understand that there is a lot to work, a lot to do and that there is acceptance for collaboration. The Consul mentioned that he feels a lot of enthusiasm from local officials to establish relations with him right now; he will take the time and space to get to know them and connect with the local authorities to work together in the best interest of the Mexican communities, which in any case is the priority of the Consular Representation.

Regarding the question that had arisen among the Mexican communities in Arizona about whether the Consulates would stop being what they have been to become procurators of justice (Attorney General Duties), Consul Mendoza clarified that the term has been used to emphasize what the Consulates must perform, a procuracy of justice, clarified, requires a technical and legal formality of which representatives of a foreign state can not assume, stated that rather it is to make an emphasis on not losing the objective of seeking the best interest of Mexico and the Mexicans.

Deepening his priorities at the head of the Diplomatic Representation, the Consul General of Mexico in Phoenix, who oversees the Consulates of Arizona and Nevada, told us that they will strengthen the scope of the Consulate through the three pillars of consular assistance that serve Mexicans abroad:

  • Documentation

  • Protection

  • Communities

In that respect, Mendoza Yescas declared how those three pillars are tied in, “For instance, let’s assume someone comes to us to request a document so they can attend a court date or an immigration process; the fact is that once we produce and deliver that document to them, we are protecting them, the three pillars are linked.”

He also pointed out that through Community Activities, community outreach is expanded, that is, to bring information to the people, to empower the people, to give them tools to feel confident. The Mobile Consulates, we were also told, are community activities that bring consular services and their benefits to the community, “Through them we try to reach groups of Mexicans away from consular offices,” the Consul stated.

Although the Consul General is a young man, his vast experience in the foreign service, in the areas of protection of Mexicans abroad, attention to communities and documentation, have given him the tools and vision to attend the needs in all areas of the services that the Mexican Consulate offers to Mexicans abroad.

No doubt a Representative of Mexicans in Arizona, with great knowledge of consular tasks, a reforming vision, closeness to the region and excited to work hand in hand with institutions and local authorities to meet the needs of the Mexican community.

On behalf of Arizona Latinos, we welcome you and wish your tenure to be successful one for the good of all.

By Editor June 25, 2019 11:57

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