The Riveras are Set to Make a Splash in its Fourth Season; a New Member is Officially Brought Into the Family

By Editor August 9, 2019 14:06

By Francisco Romero 

PHOENIX, AZ .-Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez opened up to the press on Friday looking forward to the premier of “The Riveras” in its fourth season. The reality show will premier Sunday, August 11th at 10 PM / 9 PM (CT) on Universo.  

The fourth season will feature Lorenzo, the newest cast member who recently tied the knot with the eldest sibling.

This new season is fueled with love, drama, madness and lots of life changes.

So what is new? We asked Chiquis, “Viewers will be able to witness the wedding preparations. As you all know that drama exists in every family and our family is not exempt from that drama. There will be a little bit of everything with surprises here and there,” answered Chiquis. 

With a bit of emotion Chiquis also talked about Lorenzo’s daughter, “Viewers will be able to see us living with Lorenzo’s daughter, which is the first time she has been in the Reality Show.”

One thing remains constant in the series and it is something the family will not get away from, “Music will also continue to be part of the show, since you well know that music is part of the family, you will be able to see Lorenzo in the studio and preparing for his new single,” mentioned the elder Rivera sibling. 

For Lorenzo, the reality show is like navigating through uncharted waters, “For me it’s something different from what I’ve been used to; being in the music industry I have always focused on just music, but I see this experience as personal therapy. It is also an opportunity for people to really know you as a human being. It was scary at the beginning, but at the end of the day it

Fourth Season of The Rivera Premiers Sunday August, 11th

liberates you from the stress that we all live through,” said Lorenzo

On a more personal note, Lorenzo has enjoyed the journey of being part of the Riveras, “Since the first day, I have felt completely part of the family, likewise with Chiquis, my family loves her and they have accepted her very beautifully,” Lorenzo told

No-one can talk, write or interview the Riveras without remembering Jenny, “Jenny is always in our thoughts, I often talk to Chiquis about it, and think a lot about what kind of conversations we would have.  I got to know Jenny very well, but not as a mother-in-law, I would have loved to have been able to have that son-in-law / mother-in-law relationship with her,” said

The Riveras were the first Hispanic family in the U.S. to expose their lives on reality TV in the record setting series I love Jenni, which focused on the life of the most successful Regional Mexican singer, Jenni Rivera. Jenni’s legacy continues with her children on The Riveras, and the key to the spin-off’s success has been its relatability.

It will be a 15 episode season.  Along with Chiquis and Lorenzo the reality show will continue featuring Jackie, Mike, Jenicka and Johnny.

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By Editor August 9, 2019 14:06

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