Yetta Gibson Gives us the Inside Scoop on ABC 15's new show "The NOW Arizona"

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ABC 15’s “The NOW Arizona” host Yetta Gibson

By: Cindy G. Castillo 

Yetta Gibson, a familiar face with bright personality has kicked off the fast-paced news show The NOW Arizona on ABC 15 at 4 p.m. all week, covering the latest trends across the state and in social media.

“I’m excited about a show like this because it’s a new way to get information out,” she said. “Every morning before I even put my feet on the floor I grab my phone and I want to know what’s going on and  if there’s anything I need to know right now, so we’re doing that for you for half an hour in the afternoon,” she said.

Viewers will also be invited to take action and join the daily conversation across digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

“We plan to be very interactive. We plan on listening to you and we’re making this newscast a lot of fun and enjoyable to watch while you’re getting educated on what’s going on around you.”

Gibson is a woman of all trades. She is an anchor, reporter, host and writer with almost 20 years of experience in journalism including outlets such as FOX 10 and 3TV. She considers herself a lover of information and in The NOW Arizona, she has found the perfect fit in her career.

“This is probably my best job, the perfect fit for me. I love keeping up with things that people are talking about, and that is everything the show is about,” she said.

Her unique personality translates to viewers allowing them to feel connected in her reports. She’s lived in the Valley for more than 10 years, and considers herself an all-around downtown Phoenix girl. “I’m the person that represents you, I just happen to be giving the news.”

One of her favorite go-to eateries is Majerles Sports Grill. “People who know me, know why,” she laughs. Eating healthy is also among her favorites and absolutely loves Nekter Juice Bar. “They just opened up one here across from the airport, and I’m probably going to live there.”

Also a big music lover, she challenges any self-proclaimed music genius to a challenge. “I’m willing to do a total music lyric smackdown with anybody that wants to go. I can go head-to-head with people who think they know music — I bet you I know more than you.”

But when it comes to sports, Gibson admits to be not the biggest connoisseur on the subject. “I cannot tell you the first thing about basketball or sports — period. I said the other day in practice that there was a home run in football.”

Overall, Yetta Gibson will continue to bring her spark to The NOW Arizona giving you the true meaning behind daily news headlines.

“We are going to tell you why you care about every single story. If you ask, ‘That’s interesting, but what does it mean to me?’ we are going to tell you what it means, why you should care.”

Connect with Yetta on social media on her official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Twitter Photo @yettagibson

Twitter Photo @yettagibson

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By admin August 28, 2014 09:01

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