Who is: CBS 5 News Anchor Catherine Anaya

By admin November 1, 2013 17:07

catherina anaya croppedBy: Taylor Pineda

Arizona State University’s Hispanic Business Student Association recently invited Catherine Anaya to their second annual 4.0 Academic Luncheon, which emphasizes the importance of higher education. In association with Blue Cross Blue Shield, the student organization graciously got to know Catherine Anaya on a more intimate level.

The three-time Emmy Award winner and news anchor for CBS 5 News approached the crowd as she explained the importance of relating to your community with confidence. Catherine, coming from a diverse household where adversity was often present, used this as her passion, which fueled her to make the best of her career.

Anaya recalled how she did not always know what she wanted to do, “…but I knew I wanted to write.” With the reinforcement from her mother that higher education was undeniably crucial for success, Anaya embarked on a journey to obtain her degree, and eventually received an internship in the media industry.

“I made a mistake, I did not have the proper GPA, (for Journalism School), I didn’t have the basic skills other journalism students had. “ Anaya said.

Despite being at a disadvantage, Anaya immersed herself into the world of television and news, making herself as diverse and universal as possible.

Anaya shares how her first editor once told her she should do television, “that she would make a great reporter.” Taking this as a compliment, she sought to do just that. However, her editor claims it was because she couldn’t write.

It is this sense of humor that defines Anaya’s most successful stories. She states that the reason she likes her job is so she can, “report on the stories that slip under the radar; the stories that attest to ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

These morals transcend from Anaya’s family values, where she emphasizes that even though her days may be hectic, she makes it home for dinner even if she must leave right after. “I don’t want my daughter to say, ‘you were there for everyone, but not us’.”  

Anaya states that the most difficult part of her job is “trying to fit a 48-hour day into 24-hours,” thus reassuring students that sometimes they simply, “need to learn to say no.”

Anaya advises students that, “if there is something you really want to do, all you have to do is ask.”

Ambition and a vision is the recipe that has worked for Anaya. Never losing sight of where she came from, Anaya stresses the importance of, “sharing with your community.” It is this attitude of always giving back that truly validates Anaya’s accomplished career.

By admin November 1, 2013 17:07

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