New President and CEO for Friendly House Mark Mazon Shares his Vision for the Organization

By admin December 13, 2013 14:43

Mark MazonBy: Cindy G. Castillo

The year 2014 marks a brand new beginning for Mark Mazon, who has been recently selected as new President and CEO for the non-profit organization Friendly House.

“I am CEO of a Latino based non-profit organization that serves the Phoenix community in which I grew in. It’s great; I could not have scripted this any better for myself,” Mazon said.

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ., Mazon received his Undergraduate degree in business and further his Master’s in Administration at Arizona State University. From an early age, he has been aware of the organization, as he and his family were proud supporters of their mission and efforts in the community.

“Friendly House provided services to my grandparents. I gained a lot of experience working for the community, and working with the leadership of the organization that provides social service especially for Latinos.”

Founded in the year 1920, Friendly House has been around for 93 years providing social services to struggling families, new immigrants, as well as Arizona residents.

“My favorite thing across the board is the ability to make a positive impact on individuals and families,” Mazon said. “Whether they come in for services, job training, or an interest in our Charter Schools, it’s really an opportunity to make an impact on people.”

Among his first endeavors as President of the organization, Mazon aims to work closely with the Board of Directors to execute agendas. His main focus lies on stabilizing the organization as well as re-energizing its base of support.

“I am really excited to be working with the board. I want to reach out to the past; people who have received services [from Friendly House], even if it takes one handshake at a time or one hug at a time. I want to reach out to everyone [and] get them excited about it,” he said.

A lot of credit goes to the organization’s Board of Directors whose primary drive is the passion they possess to serve the organization.

“It’s a volunteer board, but it’s one of the hardest working boards that I’ve ever been affiliated with. I really enjoy working with them.”

Mazon sees the future of Friendly House to be bright, and hopes for it to be nationally known for the quality of service they provide. Located in the 4th largest county in the United States, the organization hopes to reach diverse audiences from all parts of the region.

“Even though we are known as Latino-based, we are diverse [and] when you have an organization that has been around for 93 years, you should be able to expand throughout such a large county so that you’re touching people all across.”

Much of Mazon’s excitement derives from the staff that has been gathered to make up the Friendly House team. He hopes to be a support for any ideas that his team might bring forward, which will only aid in improving the organization.

“I can’t say enough about the hard work that the employees at friendly house do. I’m excited to work with them.”

By admin December 13, 2013 14:43

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