Letitia Frye Make- A-Wish Arizona

By Editor May 19, 2017 17:44

Letitia Frye Make- A-Wish Arizona

We all know how much moms give love, time and affection, and not just to their children, but everyone around them.

We’d like to celebrate Letitia Frye, a mother who, despite many tragedies in her life, including getting hit by a car and having a serious brain injury that caused her to lose part of her speech and sight for some time, she sees the positives in everything and seeks to help the less fortunate. From volunteering at an organization that helps children with cancer, to Big Brothers Big Sisters and most recently Make-A-Wish Arizona, Letitia feels best when helping children, and because she learned Spanish, she is able to communicate with Latino families and help even more children. 

The first wish she helped grant at Make-A-Wish Arizona was that of a transgendered child who wanted a shopping spree just a few weeks ago. We believe sharing her experiences, both as a mother and a volunteer, with your readers could inspire them to give back to their community and celebrate all that moms do for our communities.

By Editor May 19, 2017 17:44

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