Journalism with a Purpose: “Con Mary Rabago” and Proud to Announce Collaboration

By admin January 24, 2014 19:09

imagesBy: Cindy G. Castillo is proud to announce collaboration with Mary Rabago’s TV and Radio show, “Con Mary Rabago.” Two different companies come together with a purpose – to engage the community on topics that matter.

“I am really excited about this collaboration because I know we’re going to grow together. We are two different companies that are in baby steps, but we do have a lot of potential,” Mary Rabago expressed.

Viewers can expect to be informed on topics such as immigration, politics, education, health, community, and finances. Most importantly, both are dedicated to support bilingual content as majority of their audiences do practice both languages.

“Nowadays it’s beautiful to keep our primary language that we bring from home…we can have more potential and more opportunities.” Rabago said.

By keeping both languages, the community is also able to bring customs, traditions, knowledge, and potential into every day decisions. It is through these customs that “Con Mary Rabago” and aims to unite the community.

Their collaboration consists on not simply providing audiences with top news headlines, but to empower with the information they need to hear.

 “There are topics that might be really light but when you talk about them and you engage the community into the discussion, we end up closing [telephone] lines because we couldn’t keep up…people are interested.”

By working together, the community will be able to be informed on all different topics approached in Rabago’s radio and TV show, and now a third connection will be made available through

 “A lot of good things are going to come out from our collaboration. The background that I bring to the table with my 20 years in journalism [and] the great people that work in ArizonaLatinos; it will be great!” 

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By admin January 24, 2014 19:09

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