General Manager Laura Madrid Celebrates 8 Years Leading for La Buena Onda 1190AM

By admin November 8, 2013 00:53

Laura Madrid Office

By: Cindy G. Castillo

November 2013 marks the eight-year anniversary for Laura Madrid in working with KNUV La Buena Onda 1190AM.

KNUV opened its doors on August 29, 2005 with New Radio Adventures as former owners. They gathered a team of perfectly fit people from different markets, including Laura, who joined on November 15, 2005 and by January of 2006, already led La Buena Onda’s station on her own as general manager.

“In reality, I was put in charge of creating what the station is now. It was bringing people to build a team, and we’ve truly had one of the best teams since I’ve worked here. A group of passionate people that love what they do.” Madrid said.

Three years later in August of 2008, La Buena Onda closes its doors, and reopened once again, with a brand new format. Today, the majority of La Buena Onda’s programming is produced by independent talent. A format that focuses on being informative and educational for the community; that’s what La Buena Onda ultimately stands for.

“To me that’s important; informing people on the things that are happening within their community. Teaching them on the important issues such as health, education, and immigration. Those are the topics that I’m interested in having.” Madrid said.

Needless to say, the community’s response to La Buena Onda has been equally as gratifying. As a Latino community, Madrid believes we are still not there when it comes to being a unified community. Even though we are a large community, it’s important to acknowledge and to see how we don’t always see eye to eye on the issues that matter.

“It’s important being able to teach our community to be solid, informed, and one that is able to make decisions on their own, help, and mostly support each other” Madrid states.

Throughout La Buena Onda’s eight years, they’ve helped multiple non-profit organizations and families each year by providing them with clothing and shoes, they also adopt families every year, and many more acts of kindness that reflect Madrid’s involvement and devotion into helping shape a better, more unified community.

“We don’t publish [these] because to me that’s not what’s important. The important thing is to help.”

People have expressed their gratitude, and Madrid feels equally as thankful to her public with the acceptance and support they’ve received as a station. She believes that it’s the smaller non-profit organization that need the most help as they’re beginning to build themselves, and stresses the importance of recognizing them as well.

“We’ve had all sorts of people, and have said ‘Thank you because you’re the only station that’s helped us share our message’ or even ‘Thank you because you’re the only station that has opened its doors to help us spread the word of our organization’.” Madrid recalled.

She ultimately believes that it’s the beginning non-profit organizations that truly make it their focus to help each other one-on-one, as you’ll see a person helping another build a house. These are the people that really make the difference.

 “As a person and as a professional, I want to be able to help our community grow.”

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Next year brings new and positive changes for the station; more programming, more news and more information. Madrid hopes to continue being of service for her audiences and continue working with organizations that want to make a difference and that want to join the help that our Latino community needs.

“This to me has helped me grow as a professional, as a woman, and as a person that wants a better community for my family.” Madrid said.

Remember to tune in to 1190AM La Buena Onda every day for news, entertainment, and information on the issues that pertain to you and the community. 

By admin November 8, 2013 00:53

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