Carla Chavarría, a Girl with a Lot of “Ganaz” for Life

By Editor September 8, 2016 15:27

By: Gabriela Calles

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Carla Chavarría is known as “Chavo” at Core Crossfit, the gym she frequents. She is described as someone who’s creative, mighty, and someone who never stops.

In 2011, Chavarria had already founded the online marketing company YCM Marketing at the age of 18. Today, she is taking on a new venture with the help of four other people and running “Ganaz,” an online sports apparel company that is trying to fill a “void” she found in her community – fitness and health.

Ganaz came into business two months ago with Carla and Máxima Guerrero as co-founders. Its goal is to bring people from the community together and have a brand they can identify with.  Chavarría hopes to make her brand more than apparel. She would like for it to become a resource to people, improving the relationship between good health and fitness using community outreach.

The Ganaz Apparel Team (Facebook Photo: Ganaz Apparel)

The Ganaz Apparel Team (Facebook Photo: Ganaz Apparel)

Chavarría’s close friend, Stephanie Vasquez, owns Fair Trade Café in downtown Phoenix and says she’s a “major supporter” of the brand, frequently sporting their apparel around the café.

“[Chavarría] is a go getter,” Vasquez said. “The way she pushes through gym is the way she pushes through life.”

Ganaz has been doing well since it first opened its online doors to the public. Chavarría said that half of the designs have sold out and has now ordered a third batch. Chavarría said she has overcome many obstacles that have crossed her path. She comes from a family of immigrants and Chavarría’s mom is very much involved in organizations and movements that help immigrant youth because they are “mind opening.”

“You work hard toward something and you get eventually a result,” Chavarría said.



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By Editor September 8, 2016 15:27

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