Attorney Rafael Tirado’s Law Firm Serves Immigrants from Many Nations

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Rafael Tirado, Attorney

Rafael Tirado, Attorney

By Ruben Hernandez

These are exciting times for immigration attorneys like Rafael Tirado in Phoenix. The United States Congress is debating a comprehensive immigration bill that could include a citizenship path for 11 million undocumented immigrants living in our country.  

His Phoenix law firm, Rafael Tirado & Associates, has been in the thick of the reform movement, holding community seminars and providing information on Spanish language radio station 1190 AM for the past seven years. His legal advice airs at 11:30 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, he says.

His law firm has offices in Phoenix and Tucson, and represents immigrants from different countries, including India, China, Israel, South Korea, and South America.  “The majority of immigrants are from Mexico, but that is changing. Immigration from Mexico is now at zero.”

Tirado says the diversity of people is what the United States is all about.

People immigrate to the United States from all over the world, from many cultures and nations. Tirado says they all come for one basic reason: “They are here pursuing the American Dream. They want a better life, they want to work and they want a better future for their families,” he says.

“Some people believe that immigrants want to commit crimes. But the truth is a low percentage of immigrants have a criminal record,” he adds.

Rafael Tirado focuses his practice in International Trade, Business Law and Immigration. He is licensed both in Arizona and Mexico. His focus is offering sophisticated legal services with an emphasis in international business and immigration.

Tirado provides a full range in immigration law services to businesses, schools, health care institutions and individuals. He assists small and multinational corporations to hire or transfer professional personnel. He also assists foreign investors in obtaining the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa and E-1 Treaty Trader Visa. In addition, Tirado also practices removal/deportation defense and bond hearings in immigration courts.

Rafael is originally from Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. He immigrated to the United States in 2001. He attended the University of Arizona law school, and decided to move here permanently when he received his licenses to practice in Mexico and the United States.

“I’m an immigrant myself. The inspiration to become an immigration attorney came to me when I was processing my own immigration application to attend law school,” he says.

He founded his own firm in 2012, after being a partner for years in another law firm, Winsor & Tirado. His firm has one associate attorney, Sabrina Perez-Arleo.

The immigration reform movement has keep both of them busy. He believes our Congress will pass a comprehensive immigration reform law despite the contentious debate occurring now.

“I want to believe yes,” he says. “But now with the Syria issue it will be pushed back until late 2013. But any immigration law has to include a path to citizenship for immigrants.”

Rafael Tirado says he has watched proudly as the Latino population have grown in the United States. He especially enjoys seeing Latinos rise to the top levels in all walks of life.

“That has happened with all immigrant groups in America,” he explains. “Latinos are more educated and one day there will be a Latino president in the future. We are adapting and we are succeeding.”

He adds, “Latinos are a huge population and important part of this country. We have to educate our future generations. We are no longer just a group of laborers. We are leaders now. And hopefully we will see more Hispanic leaders in the future.”

If you are seeking legal advice, please contact Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC / Rafael Tirado, Esq.  at (602) 266-0292. His Website is; or email him at

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