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IMG_2253FBorn in Itabuna, Brazil, Phoenix model Gabriela Fontoura is an inspiration of pursuing your interests, and making your life goals a reality. This week, she shares her beauty secrets, her biggest inspirations, and proudest moments!


AZLatinos: Where were you born?  

Gabriela Fontoura: I was born in Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil.

AZL: What made you decide to become a model?   

GF: I never thought I would be a model. People always told me that it’s something I should do. When I was first approached by Alyssa Arce-Marketing Assistant, (she) introduced me to Maral Jorjani-Jani Model Management Owner, (so) I decided to give it a try and I loved it!

AZL: What major cities have you modeled in? 

GF: Right now just in Phoenix and Scottsdale but I would love to travel!

AZL: Who is your favorite designer?

GF: Steve Madden! Every time I’m shopping and I see a pair of shoes or purse that I like, it has 90% of a chance to be a design of him. I feel like he reads my mind when he’s doing his creations.

AZL: Who is your favorite model? photo-1

GF: Adriana Lima! She’s from the same state in Brazil as me. I think she is a beautiful (and) talented model and we both love kickboxing.

AZL: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one would it be and why?

GF: It would be so amazing to be on a Vogue cover because it’s a fashion/lifestyle magazine.

AZL: Where is your favorite location to shoot? 

GF: I like to do shoots outdoors. It would be nice to have a photo shoot (at) the beach!

AZL: Can you share your favorite beauty secrets? 

GF: I believe that beauty comes from inside to outside. I’m always eating healthy, practicing exercises, and doing everything that makes me happy.

AZL: Who inspires you and why? 

GF: All people who fight for their dreams without fear of failure inspire me.

AZL: What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this year? 

GF: I hope to grow professionally as a model and finish my Medical Assistant School.

 Any beauty secret(s)?

GF: I have some but I’ll share about my hair! I like to wash my hair with cold water using a deep cleansing shampoo first, to then apply the Silicon Mix Bambu line. It’s a highly recommended treatment for who wants to have a long, shiny and healthy hair. And be ready to receive many compliments!

AZL: What ethnicities are you? 

GF: I am a mixture of Black-white-Brazilian Indian.

AZL: What type of modeling do you enjoy the most and why?

GF: Runaway is very exciting but I enjoy photo shoot most, it’s so fun!

AZL: What is your favorite shoot you’ve done and why? 

GF: My favorite shoot is my first one for my portfolio. It was the starting point to begin a career as a model.

AZL: Finish this sentence: I was inspired to become a model because… 

GF: I was inspired to become a model by all the support of my friends.

AZL: Finish this sentence: My definition of beauty is…. 

GF: A definition of beauty to me is a combination of qualities and defects because nobody is perfect.

AZL: Finish this sentence: My most embarrassing moment in modeling was when… 

GF: I’ve been lucky, no embarrassing moments have happened so far.

AZL: Finish this sentence: My proudest moment in modeling was when… 

GF: My proudest moment was when I got my first booking with a client, the feeling that someone likes you and believes in your potential shows that you are on the right track.

AZL:   Finish this sentence: If I could guarantee happiness for one person (other than myself)  

GF: It would be my husband; he is the person that supports me in everything I want to do. He is the one who deserves to have a guaranteed happiness forever.

photo-3 (1)

AZL: How has modeling changed your day to day lifestyle? 

GF: My image and actions are the key to grow in this profession. I never know when my next book will be, I have to be ready everyday.

AZL: What would you say to an aspiring model? 

GF: Education is important! Be yourself, be responsible and remember that there are a lot of beautiful women like you out there.

AZL: What’s the one thing about modeling that most people don’t know? 

GF: They don’t know that we work hard too!

AZL: If you were your own dad or your mom, what would you tell yourself about the keys to success? 

GF: Follow your dreams; you are the only one that can make them happen!


By admin February 3, 2014 16:13

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