What You Should Know About Cosmetic Fillers

By Editor January 9, 2019 14:11

What You Should Know About Cosmetic Fillers

By Sandra Munoz 

Taking a scroll through Instagram, and you might not help but notice where we’ve become obsessed with fillers and Botox. Treatment with injectable fillers is the second most popular non-surgical procedure in the United States. Fillers can be injected in cheeks, eyes and even used as chin fillers. While many may desire Kylie Jenner lips, you’ll still need to do your research first. Although these procedures may be non-surgical, they do come with risks. Maureen Rischard, RN, owner of Maureen Rischard Aesthetics met with ArizonaLatinos.COM  to explain procedures and risks involved in the process. Ms. Rischard has been a nurse injector for 12 years. Prior to starting her own practice, she was a ER nurse. 

Arizona Latinos – Why did you decide to go in to aesthetics?

Rischard- “Nursing is my second career. I was looking for a field that I would like and making my patients look and feel good is something that I truly enjoy. A fun fact about me is that I use be a very successful stockbroker “

Arizona Latinos  – What makes you one the best injectors in Arizona?

Rischard- “In this profession you can’t have an ego. I am very comfortable with saying, no, to some patients. A natural look is always best. When I meet my patients for the first time, I take my time to get to know them, to understand their wants and most importantly to educate them on the procedure, the risks and the benefits. I make sure that all my patient’s questions are answered. I want to provide them with the best results.” 

Arizona Latinos – Why do some women become obsessed with fillers?

Rischard- “As women, we are bombarded with images telling us how we should look, and fillers provide an instant result versus Botox which takes 10 days for you to see the full effects. But it is important for those seeking this procedure that their dermal filler material is coming from a legitimate company and all procedures are done by a certified injector.”

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Treatment with injectable fillers is the second most popular minimally invasive aesthetic procedure in the United States. Although dermal fillers are generally considered safe, it is important to recognize that treatment with these agents is a medical procedure that is not without risk. Medscape Scientific Director Kristin M. Richardson spoke with Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, Associate Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, and Director of SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, about the safety history of dermal fillers.

By Editor January 9, 2019 14:11

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