UEFA EURO 2016 Belongs to Portugal

By administrator1 July 10, 2016 21:59

By Francisco Romero. – In a magical run throughout the Eurocup 2016 Portugal beat all the odds and wongol de portugal its first-ever European championship.

The improbable turned into a stunning 1-0 victory over France as the Portugal fans were deflated at the 24th minute of play when Cristiano Ronaldo suffered an injury and had to leave the field.

Portugal finished in a draw in all of their three group games and was only able to win once within the 90 minutes of regulation.

After Cristiano Ronaldo left, France had close opportunities to score to no avail.

The game ended at 0-0 in regulation, but at the 109th minute of play Eder shot the ball throughout the goal posts and into the net with a power kick.

Eder came into the game during the second half to replace Renato Sanches and turned into the hero, an unlikely hero to say the least.

Even with an injury, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen throughout the games on the sideline directing his team and cheering for those on the field.

A teary eyed Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the media after the win, “We beat France, I am happy. This is one of the most happiest moments of my life,” said the Portugal star. “I have always wanted to win a major tournament with my national team and make history and history we mad. I thank God that all went well for us today.”

The game was played at Saint Denis, France and the party that was supposed to take place for the locals never happened, instead Portugal and its fans are still enjoying the win.

They like the sound of: “Portugal EUEFA EURO 2016 Champions.”

By administrator1 July 10, 2016 21:59

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