Rosario Dawson Talks About Being Sexually Abused

By Editor January 25, 2018 12:10

Rosario Dawson Talks About Being Sexually Abused

Taiia Smart Young of reports on Rosario Dawson discussing that she was raped and sexually abused when she was young. –

“Activist, actress, and bestie in our heads, Rosario Dawson, spoke to Cynthia Rodriquez and Nathalie Farfan, the ladies behind the Morado Lens for their popular podcast.

Among the topics were her spiritual journey since her 26-year-old cousin’s death and her support of the #TimeUp and #MeToo movements.

On the subject of sexual harassment, the Daredevil star thinks people are becoming more aware of the issue and that younger folk are more likely to believe their voices matter in this fight. To Dawson, this has a domino effect, if people feel like their voice matters and they’re heard in one aspect of their lives, they are more likely to speak up for themselves in other areas.

The one main reason why sexual misconduct/harassment wasn’t strange to Dawson in the workplace: She was abused as a kid. The actress told Rodriquez and Farfan, “I was raped and molested as a child, so for me, the world was like that since I was a child… So when I saw it in the workplace, it wasn’t foreign to me. It was like, well, that even happens within the family. It happens with people that are supposed to take care of you when you’re a child.” The 38-year-old said that this kind of abuse boils down to people abusing power.

She also noted that the death of her cousin Vaneza Ines Vasquez, who was found unresponsive in her home and later died, has made her more appreciative of time on earth. Dawson confessed: “Whenever my moment comes, I wanna know that it’s been a good life. I don’t wanna be marinated in the upset—because I have a lot of trauma and sadness to dwell on if I want to—but there’s so much beauty and so many things to be grateful for. And I don’t want to waste my time not being dedicated to that.”

To hear Dawson’s interview with Morado Lens, click here.”

By Editor January 25, 2018 12:10

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