Que el Mundo Sepa: What is Going on in Venezuela?

By admin February 17, 2014 09:31

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tumblr_mlbjpimxPQ1qg1vzho1_1280A video that is taking on like a storm in social media and around the web. 

The video is a summary that tells what is happening currently in Venezuela. It tells the violence, injustice, and cruelty that every day is happening and is not being documented.

The video is told by a Venezuelan girl residing in the USA, and is reaching the world; how students are taking a matter into their own hands and protesting against the insecurity in their country.

More than 25,000 homicides occurred last year in a country of fewer than 20 million people with 90% going without arrests.

The video continues to tell a narrative of why it’s important to act now against violence and the insecurity in this country.

Below is a link to the video, feel free to share in social media sites. Beware that some of the images in the video may be sensitive to young audiences. 




By admin February 17, 2014 09:31

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