NASA’S New Latino Astronaut Frank Rubio

By Editor June 27, 2017 08:49

NASA’S New Latino Astronaut Frank Rubio

Dr. Francisco “Frank” Rubio was announced as one of the members of the newest class of NASA astronaut candidates.

“These women and men deserve our enthusiastic congratulations. Children all across the United States right now dream of being in their shoes someday. We here at NASA are excited to welcome them to the team and look forward to working with them to inspire the next generation of explorers.” –Said, Ellen Ochoa, Director of the Johnson Space Center

Vice President Spence gave the keynote speech and said: “You are the 12 that made it through. You have joined the elites. You are the best of us,”

Among the 12 are engineers, scientists, pilots, a Navy SEAL and two doctors. NASA stated “The talented women and men selected for the new astronaut class represent the diversity of America and the career paths that can lead to a place in America’s astronaut corps.”


Source: LatinTrends

By Editor June 27, 2017 08:49

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