Maluma Rejects Kiss From Mexican Fan, Is Criticized After Gesture Of Repulsion

By Editor October 24, 2017 10:33

Maluma Rejects Kiss From Mexican Fan, Is Criticized After Gesture Of Repulsion


Maluma fans are not forgiving the singer after he rejected a fan in full swing. The “Felices Los Cuatro” singer ironically wasn’t very happy during his presentation in Guadalajara, Mexico. When a fan approached to greet him, he made a gesture to hug her, and when the girl tried to give him a kiss on the cheek, he quickly moved away and made a gesture of “repulsion.”

The video that has become viral, has unleashed a wave of comments against the “Pretty Boy,” as many say that he shouldn’t have acted that way, since the young woman only wanted to take a picture and tried to kiss him in a peaceful way.

Apparently, the girl turned out to be a member of Maluma’s fan club, and according to the information described under the video, they always have supported the singer’s musical career. “What a shame that a person changes in that way, we have supported Maluma for more than 4 years, and now you forgot that thanks to our actions and publicity you became famous. Now that you have all the money and fame, you leave those who support you,” says the Maluma Family GDL  Instagram account. “We just want to stress the disappointment that this club feels and the bad treatment and indifference you have given us.”

Maluma later posted a photo boarding a plane dressed all in white with a headband, and a red fanny pack, accompanied by the phrase: “Do not take it personally.” Then he shared some other photos of the concert but never addressed the issue.

This isn’t the first time Maluma rejects a fan. In September of 2016, during an event in Puerto Rico, the singer kneeled down claiming he had pain in his neck after a fan jumped to hug him.


By Editor October 24, 2017 10:33

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