Justin Quiles’ Summer Playlist

By Editor July 24, 2018 14:58

Justin Quiles’ Summer Playlist

Rosy Cordero of Latina.com asked reggaeton star Justin Quiles for his ultimate summer songs and more. –

If you could make a playlist for the summer, what songs would you include? 

Una Vaina Loca, Manuel Turizo con Ozuna 

Ambiente, J Balvin

La Player, Zion y Lennox

Attention, Charlie Puth  

Perfect, Ed Sheeran 

And of course, No Quiero Amarte

We’re obsessed with your song with Nicky Jam! Tell us about how that collaboration came together.

I was in Medellín to work on something else with Nicky Jam, and record “Tu y Yo” with Valentino separately. When Nicky Jam listened to what I was working on with Valentino, he liked it so much that he said “yo me voy a montar ahí también con ustedes” (I’m going to join you guys too!). It was awesome! We wrote the lyric all three together and recorded it at Nicky Jam’s studio in Medellín. Now, with Nicky Jam, we’re getting ready to debut a new song that’s part of the second trilogy. So stay tuned!

You’ve collaborated with so many of our favorite artists. Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with that you haven’t already?

Daddy Yankee. We all grew up listening to his music and after all these years he continues to be a role model for those of us that are in the same music genre of reggaeton. We know each other and I’d love to work with him! “

By Editor July 24, 2018 14:58

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