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By admin July 6, 2015 07:00

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By: Catherine Anaya

In just a few days I’ll sign off my last newscast at CBS 5 News.

I have been so thrilled about spending more time with my family and working on new projects, I stunned myself by breaking down the other day. I had just returned from a shooting a Better Arizona story for the news about a nonprofit led by one woman and a group of volunteers who feed the needy a hot meal once a week in Glendale.

For 20 years they’ve continued this tradition, sustained by donations and their own pocketbooks. I walked in to a bustling room full of families and people of all ages standing in line waiting for their free meal. Some were homeless, some were not but those I talked to told me how grateful they are for the two hours of refuge, a free meal and an opportunity to feel respected.

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By admin July 6, 2015 07:00

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