Catherine Anaya’s Latest Blog Post: ‘My Greatest Work Yet’

By admin September 8, 2015 23:11

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By: Catherine Anaya

7th grade math is hard.

No joke. I’m sure plenty of other parents are nodding your heads as you read this, affirming my declaration. I took a week off blogging last week because I simply ran out of steam.

It’s funny how some people think I must have a lot of free time now that I’ve stepped away from my career as a TV news anchor. Truth is, I’m busier now than ever before and the work I’m doing is far more intense and important than anything I’ve done yet. Yes, that includes 7th grade math. I jokingly refer to myself as “The CEO of Christian” when people ask what I’m doing these days. But really, it’s real. I spend his school hours being the CEO of my media company, 4Hearts Media. But when it’s time to pick him up from school, I’m all about him. He is my number one focus and the reason I chose to walk away from my TV career.

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By admin September 8, 2015 23:11

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