Boricua Actress Vivian Lamolli Talks on Family, Home and her Next Step to the Big Screen

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Vivian Interviewed By TMZ

By: Cindy G Castillo

Vivian Lamolli traces back her love for acting and performance to the age of six.

Along with her sister, she would pretend to hold “auditions” for other little girls in the neighborhood, where they would have to demonstrate their best performance of a specific Janet Jackson song. 

Home videos preserve countless memories of her as a kid finding ways to be in the spotlight.

“I would say, ‘Hi, I’m Vivian Lamolli!’” she laughs. “And it would just be myself from there, you could hear my mom in the back ‘Ay Dios mio, there she goes.” 

As she grew older, her interest in performance never faded away. She longed for her voice to be heard, for a new story to be told. 

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Lamolli’s Cuban, Puerto Rican and Italian descent is the definition of vibrancy. 

She graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Performance and Political Science. “I went to college thinking I would be a lawyer; I decided to go with one of the hardest majors that would get me through that,” she said.

But acting contracts would soon lead her to the West Coast, and ultimately she decided to stay. What she thought was simply a hobby, quickly transformed into something more. “I realized that this was the dream I wanted to pursue and I said, ‘Why not?’ The thing is, you only have one life and [ultimately] I decided to go on that track.”

Vivian On Carpet For Project Etos Fashion Show

Coming from a military family background, her family’s support for her chosen career grew gradually. She remembers her mother being shocked at her decision, asking whether this would be a career that would bring her financial support in the future.

“I told her, ‘I know it will be because I have faith in the Lord, who has pulled me down this path.’” From there on, through acting roles and projects, Lamolli was able to prove that the arts were her calling.

She is looking forward to this year’s holidays the most, when her parents will be visiting her in California for the very first time.

“I get so much joy now when I’m letting them know the big news on the things that I’m doing; they’re just so proud,” she said. “They’re not here [in the West Coast] every step of the way, so throughout this journey there’s a lot of ups and downs. I’m definitely confident that they are proud and that they rooted nothing but the best for me.” 

Her beginning acting steps took place in live theater. Some of her works included “Once On This Island,” “Godspell,” “Hair” and “In the Heights.” 

This summer, she joined the cast of Hulu’s hit show “East Los High,” where she brings life to “Filiberta Rodriguez,” a spunky Junior in high school and member of the popular Bomb Squad. 

She recently wrapped her first feature film, “Western Religion,” to be released in 2015.


By admin November 7, 2014 10:52

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