7 Ways James Rodriguez Proves he is a Winner all Across

By admin August 5, 2014 10:15

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By: Jessica Danielle Ramirez

The world knows him as the impeccable top goal scorer during the 2014 World Cup. Colombia knows him as a soccer hero. Now women (and maybe even men) universally know him as a new soccer hottie.

There is no denying 23-year-old Colombian soccer star, James Rodriguez, has won the hearts of many.

Sorry chicas, he’s off the market! James has had his wife, Daniela Ospina by his side since their teen years. And now, the two have a daughter named Salome Rodriguez Ospina.


There is no denying he loves his wife. It’s not easy being in a relationship with a highly desirable man. Even with tight schedules and now the media watching their every move, the two manage to stay strong.


Meet his adorable 14-month-old daughter.


After each beautiful goal he made during the world cup, James kissed the tattoo on his arm “Salome.”


Yes, he has style on the field, but also in his wardrobe.


He showed the world that he can dance salsa after each goal. But now his love for dancing has been passed down to his daughter. The two can shake it to the famous “Ras Tas Tas” song.

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James is actively giving back to the community by volunteering at Fundacion Colombia Somos Todos.


And launching energy drinks! According to Colombia Reports, James has made a new product called 10 Gold energy drink. All proceeds go toward the We Are All Colombia foundation. 


Thirsty, anyone?

He is basically a dream boat, humanitarian and family man all in one. Now that he is Real Madrid’s number 10, we will get to see him score the beautiful goals for the next six years and hopefully see him dance!

By admin August 5, 2014 10:15

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