De Mujer a Mujer: The New Age Latina

By Editor August 31, 2017 16:01

A Mami

Adelante Mami is Proud to Announce Their First Conference

De Mujer a Mujer: The New Age Latina


Adelante Mami is hosting their first ever conference event. This conference will be different than any other conference in the past. This event is not just a conference, but a conversation! There is a new and distinct generation of Latinas who are doing amazing things in our community and we want to give them a platform. This inclusive event will consist of three different parts. There will be various influential members of the community speaking about the following subjects: Educate, La Patrona, Cuidate Muchacha, Dejate Querer. The confrence will then continue with Latino and Latina owned businesses in the valley that will have an expo like set up including booths and products or services. The conference will then conclude with a networking cocktail hour.

DeDe Gamez, Founder of Adelante Mami says, “We wanted to host this conference to bridge the gap between what our mothers and grandmothers have taught us, and making it applicable to our modern day reality as a New Age Latina. Our overall message is to keep moving forward, to keep striving, and continue to follow your passion! And we hope to do that with this conference”

Tania Mendes, PR/Marketing for Adelante Mami adds, “For me, its empowering to be a part of an organization that is hands on, inclusive and active in supporting other woman and the community.” Priscilla Ornelas, PR/Marketing for Adelante Mami is “excited for the conference because I love sharing the evolution of the Latino Culture with other like-minded people and I appreciate that we are inclusive to people that are interested in being positively influenced by our culture”

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By Editor August 31, 2017 16:01

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