Top Reasons Why the Holidays Are the Best Time of the Year

By Editor December 22, 2016 07:00

By: Carla León Celaya

The Holidays are truly a wonderful time of the year. Yes, the lines are longer at Costco, the wait time at your favorite restaurant has doubled (even on a Wednesday night), and all the to-do’s are starting to get out of control.

This time of the year is hectic for everyone, sure. But it’s also a time to spread a little cheer. In case you’re having trouble finding the parts that make these weeks special, find a little inspiration in our top 5 reasons of why we love the holidays.

The Food

Mom and grandma go all out cooking your favorite dishes – tamales, flan, empanadas, arepas, etc. – while restaurants add special plates to their menu. And we can’t forget that our favorite winter spices are used on coffee shops all across town. Who cares if your latte is considered basic? If you like the flavor, go with it! Especially if the drink is only seasonal.

Holiday Cookies/Whitney/Flickr Creative Commons

Featured Photo: Whitney/Flickr Creative Commons


Tradition & Festivities

Holiday parties, villancicos (or Christmas carols), piñatas – you name it! There are various festivities happening around town, the community and in your own homeevery day of the week. Yes, it might get a bit tiring to drive in traffic or clean the house because the whole family is coming over. Yet, none of it matters because at the end of night (or the next day) you’ll look back and cherish those precious moments. It is all about using tradition to make new memories!

Photo Credit: Jose Lira/Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Jose Lira/Flickr Creative Commons


Special Friendships

During this time of year, it is the perfect occasion to rekindle bonds. If people are not local to the city they live in, more likely than not, they will go back home for the Holidays. This means an opportunity to make peace with lost friendships, or simply reconnect and bond over a beverage of choice.


Holiday Travel

Holiday season leads to vacation, which then leads to airplane rides and long road trips. Don’t forget to pack wisely and take a camera with you. And if you’re traveling out tof country, don’t forget to fill your passport with holiday stamps!

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn/Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn/Flickr Creative Commons


New Beginnings

Last, but not least, during the holiday season your spirit is more forgiving. You are more compassionate of others. It is the perfect time to set new intentions for the coming year! Remember that an open heart and mind can do a lot. Most importantly, take the time to remind yourself of why you love the Holidays!

By Editor December 22, 2016 07:00

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