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Martin Gavica (Founder Pink Power)


PINK POWER! is an international movement to create breast cancer awareness.

2. Is Pink Power part of Fundacion Bella or is Fundacion Bella part of Pink Power?

Aware that art plays a fundamental role in society and my community I founded in 2010 The Bella Foundation. The Bella Foundation is a non-profit organization that I preside, it creates breast cancer awareness through art. Fundacion Bella at the same time launched an awareness campaign for early detection called PINK POWER! Thousands of women in Mexico and Unites States come together letting me take their portrait and this way creating an international movement of no precedents.

3. What are Pink Power Pictures?

Every women and every face that I have photograph for the campaign represents a soldier in an army whose purpose is to spread the message of early detection.

4. Where do these pictures go and who gets to see them?

The pictures become part of our permanent campaign against breast cancer; you can see them in the videos and albums we post on Facebook. At the end of the year we publish a hard cover book with all the participants of that year.

5. How long ago did Fundacion Bella started?

Two years ago, we started in Nov 2010.

6. What makes Pink Power different from all other breast cancer foundations?

To begin with we compromise every woman that has their picture taken to help us spread the word, that way reaching more people. We also believe in uniting with all foundations, we have alliances with more than 40 breast cancer foundations.

7. What is the average donation for a pink picture?

50 dollars

8. Who is Martin Gavica?

Martin is an ordinary family man, a photographer, that decided to make a change in his community by creating awareness. The success of PINK POWER! happened thanks to every woman that had the courage to participate with their portrait.

Support this event and important cause, make your reservation NOW!

When: Saturday October 27 & Sunday October 28th

Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

Cost: $50 per picture, $25 per additional person

Contact: Make your appointment with for location details


By admin October 19, 2012 20:38

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