Cristian Castro Near Nude Memes: What was he Thinking?

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cristian-castro-memesThe 39-year-old Mexican singer Cristian Castro shared a picture where he is posing nearly nude before getting a massage late last night. Castro is seen in a barely there G-string, unkept hair and smiling ear to ear like if he knows he is going to get a “happy ending” with the services to be rendered.

The “No Podrás” hit maker is known for his extrovert behavior and this latest action can be added to his long list of eccentricities.

Castro is not afraid of a little controversy and just moments after the photo was posted, it had gone viral and has remained a trending topic in Mexico. 

Television personality Andrea Legarreta shared her thoughts on the picture writing, “I have to say that after many negative news yesterday, seeing your photo made me smile. I love your liberty.”

Journalist León Krauze also weighed in and said, “What Cristian did was pure bravery.”

Social media is made for this and the savvy users have already taken the photo and juxtaposed it into different scenarios. One popular one shows the “Azul” singer in place of Miley Cyrus on top of a wrecking ball, a still from her infamous music video.



Another funny one has Cristian next to Britney Spears in a similar pose and asking the question, who looks better? Take a look at some of our favorite memes down below and tell us which is your favorite.




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