Phoenix Symphony: Mind Over Music program

By admin January 7, 2014 18:36

images (1)Mind Over Music is a new initiative created by The Phoenix Symphony which trains teachers to integrate music into STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts, the first symphony program of its kind in the nation. By learning through music, students are provided with new, creative ways to learn science and math concepts.

While Mind Over Music is a teacher-training model, students benefit from experiential hands-on music activities woven into STEAM lessons, increasing opportunities to explore and understand music skills and concepts and how they connect to other content areas.

Performance opportunities for students will also be enhanced through concerts with Symphony musicians; classroom-centered music performances; and conductor and musician-led master classes. Students, parents and faculty will also be provided with free admission to all Symphony for the Schools concerts and targeted main stage concerts throughout the year.

 Goals of Mind Over Music

  • Goal 1:  Increase teacher knowledge, instructional planning and practice, and assessment in music and music-integrated strategies to support STEM concepts. 
  • Goal 2:  Impact student achievement across the music and STEM curriculum.
  • Goal 3:  Empower music specialists to maintain the integrity of music content within integrated lessons and units.
  • Goal 4:  Sustain collaboration among teaching faculty, Symphony musicians and education staff to support music integration in the classroom.  

For more information, contact Jordan Drum, Interim Director of Education and Community Engagement, The Phoenix Symphony at or (602) 452-0470. 

By admin January 7, 2014 18:36

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